S.M.I knows that success is the result of hard work, persistence and integrity. Our mandate is to serve our customers with expediency, knowledge and competitive pricing, using industry approved ingredients. This vision is evident in all we do and all the decisions we make reflect this.

Our customers are the reason we exist!


In October 2015, S.M.I partnered with Groupe Cérès inc., partly owned by Hylife Ltd. This partnership has strengthened an already strong bond.

S.M.I. now has the added benefit of being part of the Hylife Ltd. family of companies.

This bond has given a huge buying potential for bringing together the purchasing power of all those companies, such as : medications, trace minerals, and amino acids, to name a few.


Expect Quality

S.M.I. was incorporated in 1981 and HACCP certified in May 2007.

S.M.I. has since retained yearly certification to the present, earning an exceptionally high score of 99.6% on the most recent audit.

This HACCP Certification Audit is conducted by an independent, accredited third party, which in turn, is accredited by Animal Nutrition Association of Canada (ANAC) and is mandated by the Canadian Food Agency (CFIA).


bulk rail transfer

S.M.I launched it's Bulk Railway Transfer facility in 1994 with three overhead 100te bins, a 100 ft truck scale and a rail/truck receiving pit. Today, this facility consists of ten overhead steel bins, three mass flow protein silos, with plans for more. Convenient high speed truck loading or unloading (up to 200tes/hr) is located central to Ontario's pork, beef, daily and poultry producers.

Above 3 silos: Soymeal, Canola, DDGs.

Above 3 silos: Soymeal, Canola, DDGs.